First Post! 04/15/2008
  List of Materials For Summer 2009

*The following is a list of materials to be used this summer during our planned activities.  If you are able to provide any one of the following materials, please contact a board member at (305) 244- 5998.


*Construction Papers

*Poster of Food Pyramid

*Decoration (Fake) Fruits

*Food Magazines (old please)

*5 Jigsaw Puzzles (50 to 100 pieces)

*Timer (cooking timer preferred)

*Folders (yellow file folders)

*Newspaper (old please)

*Sketch books
                                         * Index Cards

*Coloring Pencils                                     *Pencils


*Poster Boards                                                *Glue Gun

*Glitter                                                       *Scissors

*Liquid Glue                                                        *Stick Glue
*Sample Menus                                           *Playing Cards


- Members are expected to attend every show. There will be shows scheduled throughout each semester where members will get the opportunity to display their work. Parent/guardian will be notified of every show at least 2 weeks prior to the date.

- In case of tardiness, be sure to notify one of our mentors prior and upon arrival at the show location.

- Members are advised to be well rested prior to every show and to be dressed according to the theme of each show. (Theme will be given prior to each show).

- In case of illness, please notify a mentor prior and/or during every show. Illness will be handled according to level of severity.
(Parents will be notified immediately).