Parents keep in mind that HOMEWORK is indeed a priority.  This program provides a special learning environment where the children will benefit from the experiences of our mentors.  The students will be granted the opportunity to complete their homework assignments and benefit from one-on-one tutoring with our mentors prior to every meeting.  Upon completion of the homework period, students will then get the chance to be introduced to the project that L.O.T. will partake in each trimester.  Projects will be announced at every Parent/Mentor meeting prior to exposing the children to the activities.  Suggestions of ideas from members, mentors, as well as parents or individuals are always welcome.

    L.O.T. does not specialize in one particular genre of art.  This program promotes numerous forms of performing arts: whether it is acting, dancing, stepping, poetry, art works, arts & craft pieces and so on.  With such a broad and extended list of tasks, each individual participating will get the chance to expand in their particular preferred genre of art. 

The activities that this program will undergo throughout its existence will change in accordance to the different projects that will be presented to the children as well as the parents.

Summer Camp Planned Activities